Languedoc at Sthlm Food & Wine

Client: Languedoc

01 | Challenge

The wines of Languedoc, although being the largest wine producing region in France, is not the most famous French wine region, nor even and wrongly one of the best considered with wine consumers.

The Languedoc region, where the majority of wines correspond to the tastes that the Swedes appreciate, and their complete assortment of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines have enormous potential on this market, but their reputation is to be built. Besides the fact that Languedoc wines have invested in reminding professionals of their wine know-how, the challenge consisted in making them known to consumers in this market where promotion to consumers is limited due to the strict policy on alcohol. To achieve this, we decided to work on the image of the brand of “Languedoc wines” by participating in the largest gastronomy and wine fair in the Nordic countries  Stockholm Food & Wine.

02 | Solution

To make the most of the potential of this large-scale exhibition, we had built a large stand that is both modern and decorated with the emblematic colors of the region. The stand was run by 4 Swedish sommeliers who are lovers of Languedoc wines, and who have easy contact with visitors. No less than 15 different references were presented on the stand to allow visitors to taste a wide selection and get a good idea of ​​the treasures that this region has among its wines. POS, as well as catalogs specially printed for the show with information on wines, including their article numbers at the Swedish alcohol retailing monopoly, were distributed to visitors to the stand so that they could find these wines in the store in which they buy their wines.

At the same time on this fair, which lasted 3 days and that is organized each year during the 2nd weekend of November, we organized one seminar per day to welcome up to 120 participants, who could taste 6 wines from the region accompanied by a plate of cheese. These seminars were led by a ‘master of wine’ with a beautiful educational presentation on Languedoc wines, and each participant left with a goodie-bag which included souvenir objects related to wine and the region.

03 | Result

  • 30,000 visitors throughout the fair
  • Nearly 3,500 people had tasted at least one wine on the stand
  • 360 seminar participants (all seminars were 100% full)

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