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The Port of Kalundborg invests in intensive branding strategy to support growth targets

tisdag, 8 mars 2016

The Port of Kalundborg has set clear growth targets in their 2015-2020 strategy. The objective of achieving the targets will be supported by an intensive branding effort. EHRENBERG Kommunikation has been selected as a partner.

As one of the largest commercial ports in Denmark the Port of Kalundborg is carrying on a big potential. With an advantageous geographical location and a considerable capacity related to large vessels there are good opportunities for further growth and development of the port. The task requires action in both public relations and public affairs. And EHRENBERG Kommunikation has been chosen to support the Port of Kalundborg with the task.

“In connection with Port of Kalundborg’s work with the 2015-2020 strategy, it was decided by the management and the board that we should increase focus on the branding of the Port of Kalundborg. In this context, we examined possible partners and after a selection process in which three communications agencies were in the game, we have chosen to work with EHRENBERG Kommunikation", says Bent Rasmussen, Port Director of the Port of Kalundborg.

In order to create the desired growth targets it requires, however, that the port attracts the right investors and partners - both in regard of commercial ports as well as within the cruise sector. A prerequisite for a strong position in the market is that the port is visible and proactive in relation to the various stakeholders who may have direct or indirect interest in the Port of Kalundborg.

"Our job is primarily about branding and positioning the Port of Kalundborg among politicians, other decision makers and stakeholders in general. This consists mainly in creating visibility and knowledge of the port's activities and strengths, so the Port of Kalundborg as soon as possible is able to achieve its goal of creating growth. It is a very exciting project which we really look forward to carry out", says Allan Sonne Sørensen, CEO of EHRENBERG Kommunikation.

The Port of Kalundborg has selected EHRENBERG Kommunikation to develop a branding strategy that will contribute to increase visibility and awareness of the port's possibilities and qualities among the wide range of stakeholders and other actors of relevance to the port. Among other things, the port's communications platforms will become more diverse as well as the port will be playing a more prominent role in the debate about creating efficient infrastructure in Denmark and Europe.

The branding strategy will be rolled out over the coming years. 

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