Anne Kirstine Cramon

Chief Advisor

Anne Kirstine is an expert on consumer behavior and how to strategically position a company to address consumers and the market – on eyelevel. She believes that working strategically and creatively with a company’s brand is the most powerful vehicle when it comes to staying competitive in a fragmented market. Born and raised in the agency world of Copenhagen, Anne Kirstine has almost 10 years of experience of communicating on a strategic, creative and operational level for clients within various fields.


Anne Kirstine is a firm believer in using communication to make an impression and offer that extra little something that is so hard to put into words. She has a trained eye for understanding the complex issues in the clients’ arena and has a firm grip on transforming her knowledge into strategic and creative advice.

Anne Kirstine enjoys working with clients that are bold enough to question everything they think they know – and who understand that being good at communicating to the market also means good business.  And that sometimes it is worth while to stir things up a bit.